NEW Dell XPS 17 Slays Corel Painter 2020

NEW Dell XPS 17 Slays Corel Painter 2020

I've been looking for a nice laptop to take with me on my trips that would run my CorelDraw 2020 and Corel Painter 2020 and about everything else. I definitely found it in the Beautiful XPS 17 Creator Edition. I'm so pleased with it so I took a pic of the Painter accelerator page evaluation for myself actually because my desktop bites the big one in performance totally my fault but I wanted to share with anyone curious. I mean the XPS should deliver these results with it's specs. Looking forward to getting more freely creative with my...

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New! Oregon Merchandise here!

Year 2002 Snapshot of TaterSkinz's Website page on ~Internet Archive WAYBACKMACHINE!! Got to say some of the links still work too. Spooky..


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TaterSkinz Decals:  3725 Pleasantview Dr. N.E Keizer  OR  97303              Hours: 7am- 3pm  Mon-Friday

TaterSkinz is a small two person decal shop in good ol' Oregon. My name is Tom Tate and I've been doing Custom decals and Airbrushing for about 4 years now. I enjoy Airbrushing and designing decals and will be...

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