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Artistic Programs I am familiar with and use.

Posted by on 7/15/2017
I have to say that just as I'm not tied to a medium, that I'm the same way about graphic programs. Not one does it all the greatest in my opinion. The programs I use the most from top to bottom.

  1. CorelDraw currently 2017. I've been using since 2002
  2. Corel Painter currently 2017. Love the Pencil brushes. Most realistic of all in my opinion with a wacom tablet.
  3. Affinty Designer. Love it but doesn't have the Font capabilities that I need. So I use CorelDraw instead. 
  4. Affinty Photo. Freaking awesome. Love it. It does what I need. 
  5. Clip Studio Paint. A new inquiry but liking the vector drawing aspects of it. Makes great pen strokes.
  6. SketchBook. Used to be Pro but couldn't load it on my new computer and they are forcing me into a subscription to get it. Homey don't play that. It's not that great..I'll definitely pay for a subscription if I have a choice to do it and a better rate. Don't like the no choice deal. 
  7. ArtRage5. I like this one because there canvas textures and the pencil looks raw and is light and fun to work in. 
  8. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Antique versions. No sense of buying a subscription to play on them every once and a while.

There ya go. I'm quite familiar with CorelDraw and find it really does a little bit of everything pretty darn good. Any questions send me an email to TaterSkinz@gmail.com. Will be happy to respond.